Survey results

Who are the visitors to the Picnic?
What encouraged them to visit the event?
Had the visit an impact on their views and approaches?
Or did it help them choose their walk of life?

Sociological surveys have been conducted among the visitors to the Picnic for the past six years. They allow us not only to learn them better, but also to see how the visit to this event influenced them. Thanks to the opinions gathered in the surveys, the Picnic becomes more and more interesting and attractive with each year.
The visitors are persons in various ages – one out of three is between 25 and 50 years old, another one out of three are students (of primary schools as well as junior and senior high schools), 12% are university students. Almost 3 of the visitors lives in Warsaw. The visiting participants include the residents of almost all voivodships, yet the Mazovian voivodship dominates.
The highest number of persons have higher education (38.5%). Out of the persons declaring elementary education (27%) almost 90% are yet students before their maturity exam.
What encouraged them to visit the Picnic? Almost half of them wanted to spend their Saturday in an interesting way (49%) and expand their knowledge (almost 48%) and to bring science closer to children (28% of the respondents). Also, the variety of topics was important (almost 40%) and experiences from previous Picnics (37%) – the survey allowed to select a few answers. 10% persons below 25 years of age declared that Picnic let them make their educational plans more precise (selection of a course of study, class profile, etc.), 4% – that it helped them pick a profession.
How does Picnic influence the views, interests and approaches of the visitors?
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