Science Picnic changes its location.

We invite to this year’s Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre on Saturday, 15 June, at 1 Księcia Poniatowskiego Avenue. In the place where Robert Lewandowski scored the legendary goal against the Greek team during the Euro2012 opening match last year, the biggest open-air science event in this part of Europe will be held. While that struggle was watched live by almost 60,000 fans, the number of people who will attend the Picnic would be almost two times higher. According to the organisers’ estimates, about 100,000 science lovers will be present at the National Stadium!

Along the ring with the circumference of 900 m, which is located in the exterior of the Stadium and in the alleys leading to the facility, about 190 tents will be put up in which about 1,000 demonstrations will be shown. Traditionally, the most spectacular shows throughout the day will take place on the main stage of the Picnic. Also, the international stars from the world of science will perform there, although it still remains a mystery, who will visit Warsaw this year.

The Science Picnic enjoys recognised brand and reputation. Organising it at the National Stadium provides larger exhibition space, which will make it easier for the Picnic participants to visit. Due to the location in the centre of the capital city and excellent transport (numerous buses, trams, PKP Stadium station, good connection with the Eastern Warsaw Station and Central Warsaw Station) it ensures good access – what is important, also for persons from outside the capital city.

“We have a lot in common with our partners – a huge potential and remarkable nature of the places. The Copernicus Science Centre is a natural partner, not only due to the proximity of the place, and Polish Radio provides huge support in the popularisation of science – says Mikołaj Piotrowski, the spokesman for the National Stadium. – Our 5-year cooperation is a guarantee of further attractions at the Stadium. The Stadium inspires by the diversity of impressions and there will be more and more of them”.

This year, about 200 institutions from Poland and from abroad will present themselves at the Picnic. The honorary patronage over the event is held by the European Commission. We already know that, e.g. at the stand of the Estonian Science Centre AHHAA Foundation you will be able to find out what makes LEDs the least energy-consuming and the most efficient lighting technology, which is in common use today, as well as how to create a lantern with LEDs. A souvenir from the Picnic may also be a necklace with a test tube containing your own…DNA. But first, you will need to isolate it on your own, in which you will be assisted by the specialists from Scientific Education BioCentre and Bioeducation Foundation. In turn, the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police will allow you to secure fingerprints on your own. You will be able to take part in a competition of knowledge about crime detection and as a reward you will visit the Laboratory.

As usual, the 2013 Picnic will last nine hours: it will start at 11:00 and will end at 20:00. It will show you many aspects of life, because life is the leading theme of this year’s event. Naturally, admission is free.

Science lovers, who will not be able to arrive at the Stadium, should turn the radio on. All day long, in all stations of Polish Radio (PR 1, 2, 3, 4, Polish Radio External Service) and on the portal, reports and programmes from the Picnic will be broadcast. The news will also appear in the Radio Information Agency reports and in programmes and reports of PR24. And a few weeks earlier, you will be able to hear a lot of valuable information about the event on Polish Radio.

“The Science Picnic is a special event for Polish Radio. On one hand, it excellently matches with our mission activity, on the other is an event building social interest and a positive public image of the broadcaster. I am sure that the new location will contribute to further development of the Picnic, by raising its prestige and giving completely new technical and logistic opportunities” - says Andrzej Siezieniewski, President of the Board of Polish Radio S.A.

The Copernicus Science Centre, which was established on the basis of the Picnic, is responsible for the substantive aspect of the event. The open-air formula has proved successful so much that it has become an inspiration to other states. Only last year the Science Picnic – patterned on the Polish one – was organised for the first time in Georgia and Croatia.

“Over the last 16 years, the Science Picnic has become the new Polish brand. This extremely attractive model for engaging the public in science is the intellectual value that Poland may now share with other countries,” says Robert Firmhofer, Director of the Copernicus Science Centre.

The first Science Picnic (as the Science Picnic of Polish Radio BIS) was held on 14 June 1997, in the New Town Market Square. It was participated in by 17 scientific and educational institutions from Warsaw which in 13 tents showed the experiments and demonstrations in the field of physics, archaeology and medicine. Back then, the Picnic was attended by more than 3 thousand people, what the scientific environment regarded as big success. In the following years, the number of participating institutions and visitors has been growing rapidly.

Since 2001, the Picnic has had its leading theme, which is different every year (in 2012 - Energy, a year before – Freedom). In 2005, it was awarded by the European Commission as one of 10 model European projects in the “Science and society” area. Since 2008, it has been organised jointly by Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre. In the last three years, it was held in the capital Rydz-Śmigły Park, and this year it moves to the National Stadium.
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