How we will surprise you right before summer holidays

The Picnic will be very vital this year. After all, its theme is LIFE.You can look at it from different perspectives. During the Picnic, we will present more than 1,000 of them! So many shows will be offered by approx. 200 institutions. There will also be celebrities from the world of science. Yet, it still remains secret who is going to visit us this time. However, we can reveal today that we will meet in a completely new and impressive place this year. Where? Just a little more patience. It will be announced on 25th February.


How to win the heart of the jury


     Since December, the Programme Team of the Picnic, consisting of experts in various fields, has been busily working on selection of the most interesting proposals from among the applications from universities, institutes and associations. ‘We reject applications of institutions that instead of presenting science in an interesting way want to use the picnic only to promote their own activity,’ explains Helena Anna Jędrzejczak, Vice-Chairman of the Programme Team. Also demonstrations consisting only in watching posters, multimedia presentations, reading flyers or listening to talks are unlikely to win favour of this team either. It is supposed to be interactive and unique, after all this is what the Picnic is famous for!

     We already know the first 30 institutions which meet all the requirements. What “vital” knowledge will they present on 15th June in the capital?

     ‘A few simple mathematic methods which help you choose the best investment or credit offer for you,’ boasts the Foundation of Independent Student Initiatives at CardinalStefanWyszyńskiUniversity in Warsaw. One must admit that in the era of whimsical economy the idea is exactly what we need. Just like the proposal of the Science Centre AHHAA Foundation. The Estonians will help you understand what makes LEDs the least energy consuming and most efficient lighting technology widely used today. We will be able to trace the history of artificial lighting and create our own lantern, equipped with LEDs of course.

     A necklace with a test tube which will contain our own ... DNA can be another souvenir from the picnic. Yet, we will have to isolate it first, assisted by specialists from the Centre for Innovative Bioscience Education and the BioEducation Foundation.


From a doctor, through a criminologist to a filmmaker


     Stressful life with a cigarette in your hand, a lot of food and little exercise is a dangerous mixture for your heart. How to rescue it when it stops? Training in first aid with a defibrillator will take place at the stand of the First Chair and Department of Cardiology of the Medical University of Warsaw and the Central Teaching Hospital at Banacha Street. It should attract people who have never had a pacemaker, an artificial valve or stents (“springs” unclogging vessels) in their hands.

     In turn, some relax will be provided by barefoot walk along “the path of the senses”, a few meters of forest floor which will be placed in the city centre by the State Forests National Forest Holding. Those eager to commune with nature will be able to listen to the sounds of birds, and even personally examine bird cast (conglomeration of undigested food) – these attractions are prepared by the Owl Conservation Association. Amateurs of more exotic experiences can go to Mars, and actually see the Red Planet in a 3D model on a touch-screen, which will be provided by Internet marketing agency Qmini from Croatia.

     Those who visit the tent of the Polish Film Institute will find out what the work of filmmaker is like. In addition to meeting with a director and an operator, we will be able to give a second life to old works of cinematography by retouching a film frame.A real treat awaits the lovers of crime series. They will be able to prove themselves as a detective and secure fingerprint traces on their own. Another attraction of the stand of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police will be a contest on forensics. The award? A visit to the Laboratory.  


It is important to be popular


     These are only some of the shows to be found at the Picnic. Is there going to be any special attraction? Helena Jędrzejczak does not want to reveal that. ‘Personally, I like the presentation of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN),’ says Vice-Chairman of the Programme Team. ‘The hosts of the stand can prove in an attractive way that the humanities are as interesting as science. And it is important,’ stresses Jędrzejczak ‘especially now that the media persistently present humanities as unproductive because it does not translate directly into GDP.’

     IPN has a great chance to present itself at the Picnic this year. And certainly it is not about the sympathy of the deputy chairman, but the fact that its last year's show was popular among the visitors and very well evaluated. The Programme Team also takes into account how the institution did in previous years. Because some of them have been with us for a long time (e.g. the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw), others are debutants (e.g. the LiveArchaeologySocietyKaliskiPiastCastle).

     The remaining 170 institutions are to complete their applications by 18th February. Shortly after that date, we will know the complete list of all participants, about which we will certainly keep you informed.

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