Programme of the 13th Science Picnic - the last edition of the event

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This year’s guests of Science Picnic will enjoy plenty of attractions. They will have a chance to see amazing inventions, fascinating experiments, latest science achievements and about 1000 fantastic demonstrations and presentations from all over the world, bringing the scientific issues closer in an interesting and interactive way.

In 225 tents, 250 institutions from 21 countries will be presented, including Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Italy and United Kigdom. For the first time, Austria, Cyprus, Spain, Japan and Russia will participate in the Science Picnic, and this year's special guest will be Czech Republic. The area of the tent town will take up 40 000 m2. The most spectacular demonstrations will be performed on the main stage on New Town Square.

Division into special theme sectors will allow easy finding of an interesting topic. Next to Technical University Town, Archaeological Village and European Village, a novelty will be Cosmic Avenue, Atomic Street, Biological and Medical Pavilion, Machines Avenue, Museums Avenue and Experiments Avenue.

In the Technical University Town we will find out how to use photovoltaics (converting sun energy into electricity) in household devices e.g. radio or a ventilator. An attraction will be non-pilot aircrafts, levitating magnetic rail and a Droplet vehicle which has driven 409 kilometres on one litre of fuel.

In Archaeological Village we will find out how ancient people imagined the universe and learn the names of days of the week in time when there was no Monday. We will try on a Roman outfit as well as a diver's suit and see how to explore underwater archaeological station.

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