Survey results

Survey results on the 13th Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre

Every year Warsztaty Analiz Socjologicznych designs and organises a study of the Science Picnic. The analysis of the 13th Science Picnic involved the use of a questionnaire given to visitors to the Picnic. The data was compared with the results obtained from the 11th and 12th Science Picnics, which took place in 2007 and 2008. The results of the study are presented in a final report, containing an interpretation of the information and an analysis of the whole Science Picnic. The main conclusions contained in the report indicate that:

•    The most common reason for coming to the Picnic is the desire to spend a Saturday in an interesting way (43.8%) and to broaden knowledge (43.5%). As the subjects themselves say, participation in the Picnic means gaining knowledge through play.
•    Increasing numbers of young people (under 19 years old) are coming to the event. 
•    The respondents admit that, thanks to taking part in the Picnic, they broadened their knowledge, especially in physics, modern technologies and chemistry. Most visitors to the Science Picnic agree with the statement that it changed the way they perceive science.
•    The Picnic has already gained a large group of regular visitors, and still attracts new, interested people. This year the proportions between the two groups were even.
•    The respondents express their satisfaction with the varied offer and the atmosphere at the Picnic. They especially appreciate the possibility of engaging in experiments and talking to competent and enthusiastic scientists.
•    This all combines to make a very good evaluation of the Science Picnic (78.2% rate it 5 on a 6-point scale). What is more, 81.4% said that they had broadened their knowledge by participating in the event. Almost everyone (98%) agreed that it is a good way of popularising science in society.
•    Approximately 90% of the participants declared a willingness to participate in the Science Picnic again. The same number of people would like to visit the Copernicus Science Centre in the future.
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